We deliver.

Whether you need a one-time delivery, need a specific schedule or want to enroll in our Automatic Refill program, we will deliver fresh, clean water for all of your needs.

Potable water, for all of your needs.

The Water Depot can deliver up to 2350 gallons of potable water per load. 

We use a 3” Honda pump and corresponding hard and flat hoses to safely and quickly unload the water.


We deliver clean, potable water to rural residential households throughout Douglas County.

Irrigation and livestock

We deliver water for a wide variety of agricultural and irrigation purposes, and for livestock.


We deliver water to a variety of business and commercial operations.

Ponds, pools and hot tubs

We deliver water to fill up ponds, pools, hot tubs and more.

Wells versus tanks

Tanks are a cheap and popular method to store water.


The initial installation costs of wells are higher because of the pump materials, well-drilling costs, and the additional labor required
The organics in the water can clog the filter at the pump or the nozzles in the heads, resulting in more maintenance for the water system

Wells may contain sulfur, arsenic, salt, iron, harmful bacteria, insecticide and pesticide runoff from agriculture

Can sometimes be slow, or run out of water completely


Drilling a well can be in excess of $5000, while a tank will give you enough water without the expense of drilling
Use of additional water from rainfall is possible through tanks; water collection off of roofs can be used and stored in the tanks
Can ensure a clean, plentiful and potable water supply
Tank storage can be 250 gallons to 2500 gallons and higher, making it quick and easy to deliver and use